Are you tired of losing out of state deals when your clients want to buy or sell homes in Texas or Florida? If so, our Texas Designated Broker Program is a solution that you should consider. We are a leading designated broker in Texas and premier qualifying broker in Florida. 

When you start working with us, you will finally be able to have a presence in Texas and Florida that will also enable you to open offices in either state, hire employees and close deals under your company name.

Imagine no longer having to say goodbye to clients when they choose to buy or sell real estate in Texas or Florida. With our service you can now continue to offer your clients the same high level of service without having to outsource your leads to another broker or lose the sale to a competitor.

With our program, you can finally accomplish your real estate goals and build the business that you’ve been dreaming about. 

Stop studying how to become a broker and learn how to build the real estate business of your dreams with our trec designated broker program.

Texas Designated Broker

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With a guaranteed price match of any other broker, Your LLC Broker is not only the best in our industry but also the best for your bottom line.

Our Texas Designated Broker Property will give you the ability to brand your own company name while recruiting agents to work for your business; a designated or qualifying broker is the best option for you.

When you start working with us, you will be emboldened by your increased autonomy that will also give you the ability to branch out to other markets or states while increasing your earning potential and taking control of your own business.

Make this year that you finally start growing your real estate business! Our Texas Broker of Record program is the best way for you to achieve the business growth that you’ve been wanting to accomplish in real estate!

More people are relocating to Texas than ever before, don’t waste another moment not being able to be a part of that growth. With out trec designated broker program, we can help you finally accomplish all of your real estate goals.

Designated Broker Texas


About Your LLC Broker 

Founded by Rodney Henson, a trusted real estate professional since 1997, our company brings over 20 years of experience to Your LLC Broker.

Since Rodney started the company, we’ve become a leading Texas Designated Broker, and qualifying broker for companies in Florida. With a few simple steps and low start-up fees – you can manage your own company, agents and commissions with Your LLC Broker.

Now Is The Right Time For Explosive Growth In Your Real Estate Business and expanding your company to serve Texas and Florida is the way to obtain the growth that you want.

The good news is that expanding into new markets doesn’t take a lot of time or money like it once did in the past. When you work with us, we’re going to make the process of growing your real estate business easier than you could ever imagine.

Qualifying Broker Florida

Texas And Florida LLC Broker

Texas and Florida will continue to be two hot spots in the real estate market for years to come. Don’t continue sitting on the sidelines watching your competitors enjoy explosive growth in their real estate businesses, join our Texas designated broker program and start growing your business today.

With mortgage interest rates still historically low, and demand for properties at an all time high, you owe it to yourself to work with Your LLC Broker and start growing your real estate business!

Learn more about the services we can offer you by clicking here or calling us at (512) 200-5853. We look forward to the opportunity of earning your business!