Florida Qualifying Broker Of Record

Your Florida Qualifying Broker of Record monthly fees will not start until your company is fully licensed.

Qualifying Broker of Record for Your Company as a real estate broker and first licensed agent.
Qualifying Broker of Record for your Company as a real estate broker and up to four (2-4) agents.
Your LLC Broker will match the price of any other Qualifying Broker.

When you are ready to get started with Your LLC Broker, there are some start-up costs to be conscious of. Below are the start-up cost estimates for Florida Qualifying Broker of Records. The various costs are from different governmental and private entities, as such prices are subject to change. Start-up costs will be lowered if you already have an LLC or Corporation with or without a broker’s license.

One-Time Initial Start Up Cost for the State of Florida

Cost Description
-0- Fee to set up your LLC from the Department of State ($99 from Legal Zoom)
$79 State filing fee for Florida
$650 E&O Insurance for Your LLC (Varies by Provider)
$154 Application for Broker License by a Business Entity in Florida
$60 –
Tax Receipt from the county
-Varied- Join an Association of Realtors (if you are not already a member)
-Varied- Open an MLS office account and personal MLS account (if you don’t already have one)

$943 – $1183 Total Initial Costs (probably less than one commission split with your current broker