Texas Broker Sponsor Of Record

Your Texas Broker Sponsor of Record monthly fees will not start until your company is fully licensed.

Texas Broker Sponsorship for your company as a real estate Broker and first licensed agent.
Texas Broker Sponsorship for your company as a real estate broker and up to five (2-5) agents.
Your LLC Broker will match the price of any other Designated Broker.

It is important to be conscious of startup costs as you prepare to begin your journey with Your LLC Broker. Start-up cost estimates for Real Estate Broker Sponsorships in Texas are below. These start-up costs are sourced from various governmental and private entities, as such prices are subject to change. Start-up costs will be less if you already have an LLC or Corporation with or without a broker’s license.

One-Time Initial Start Up Cost for the State of Texas

Cost Description
-0- Fee to set up your LLC from the Department of State ($99 from Legal Zoom)
$306 State filing fee for new Texas LLC
$650 E&O Insurance for Your LLC (Varies by Provider)
$325 Application for Broker License by a Business Entity in Texas
-Varied- Join an Association of Realtors (if you are not already a member)
-Varied- Open an MLS office account and personal MLS account (if you don’t already have one)

$1281+ Total Initial Costs (probably less than one commission split with your current broker)