Designated Broker Texas

Are you searching for ways to build your Texas real estate brand? If so, the solution to your problem is to hire a designated broker Texas.

When you hire a designated broker Texas, you’re going to have the benefit of working with a licensed real estate brokerage in the state of Texas which enables you to buy or sell properties in Texas without actually having a physical presence in the state.

Every year, many brokers choose to work with a designated broker Texas because they are tired of losing out-of-state deals to their competitors or having to split commissions with another agent.

With a designated broker, we make it possible for out-of-state brokers to conduct a real estate business in the state of Texas simply and efficiently without having to worry about losing their clients or ongoing business.

Why Work With A Designated Broker Texas?

Besides helping agents who are tired of losing deals to their competitors in Texas, or having to split commissions with other agents, a designated broker Texas is also beneficial because we work with property leasing agents, referral only agents, part-time agents, real estate investors, commercial leasing agents, and apartment locators.

When it comes time to get down to business, you can expect us to act as your broker of record. This will enable you to help your clients buy or sell property in the state of Texas while guaranteeing that you can still earn commission on those deals.

What is a real estate broker of record?

The term “broker of record” describes a licensed real estate broker who is responsible for one or more licensed real estate agents. They also represent a buyer or seller, in transactions plus they may also supervise leases and other property transactions.

Why Hire Us?

It doesn’t matter if you already are licensed in Texas, or you are an out of state agent who wants to establish a real estate brand here, our designated broker Texas team can help!

Broker supervision is state-specific, you can count on us to provide you with the most up to date knowledge possible since we have over 20-year real estate experience in Texas and Florida.

Hiring an experienced broker of record is vital because an inexperienced broker may inadvertently cause you to break the law and you could find yourself facing criminal charges or possibly the suspension or revocation of your corporate license.

Our goal is to bring you into compliance by affiliating your real estate firm with one of our licensed brokers, at an affordable rate.

Your state will become properly licensed and compliant in Texas or Florida. If a broker’s license is the only thing keeping you from managing your assets, this is your solution, and you’ll be surprised at how affordable it is.

Invest In Yourself

​Besides enabling you to buy or sell real estate in the state of Texas, we also offer a broker sponsor program. Our designated broker Texas Sponsorship option provides agents with the opportunity to keep more of the commissions that they generate.

Contact Us

To learn more about the designated broker or Florida qualifying broker services that we can offer you, contact us today by calling (512) 200-5853 or click here to connect with us online.

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