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2020 is almost closed, and most real estate agents, are looking towards 2021 and mapping out their goals.

If you haven’t started working on your goals for 2021 yet, this article will provide you with some tips that you can use to map out your goals for the next year.

Get Started With A Full Marketing System

One of the most important goals that you should have for 2021 is to start using a full marketing system.

This is important because most Realtors® excel at one form of marketing but they consistently fail at others.

By utilizing a full marketing system that sends out information to your leads, at the right intervals, you will finally be able to control every phase of your marketing instead of doing well in some areas while having a difficult time with others.

Grow Your Database

Growing and grooming the leads in your database is the lifeblood of a real estate business because this is one critical area that will lead to more sales.

When adding leads to your database, make sure that you’re separating and properly classifying your leads into the right buckets so that you have a firm grasp on which leads are cold, warm, and hot.

Invest In A Referral Marketing System

Besides investing in a marketing system, and growing your database, you should also focus on getting started with a system that will enable you to be more efficient with your referral marketing.

Your goals should be to regularly follow up with your past clients so that you stay on the top of their minds if they plan on buying, selling, or have people that they can refer you to who may need help with their real estate transactions.

Optimize Your Online Lead Generation Efforts

Another goal that you should add to your 2021 goals is to optimize your online lead generation efforts.

Online lead generation is important but it’s something that many agents consistently struggle with because their websites and social media accounts are not optimized for generating leads.

All of your digital assets should be connected to lead capture pages so that you can capture those leads and get them into your market system.

Hire A Designated Broker To Grow Your Real Estate Business

Last of all, but most important, another thing that you should add to your list of goals in 2021 is to hire a designated broker to help you grow your real estate business.

With our broker of record program, we can assist you with hiring real estate agents, paying commissions, and growing your real estate business.

For more information about our program, contact us today by calling (512) 200-5853 or click here to connect with us online.

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