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Do you have clients that want to buy or sell properties in Texas but you don’t have an office or real estate license in Texas?

Instead of giving up those leads, we can help you buy or sell real estate in the State of Texas with our designated broker program.

Designated Real Estate Broker In Texas

How Does Our Designated Broker Program Work?

Working with YourBroker is the best option to move your career and company forward. With YourBroker you can brand you own business with an LLC or Corporation.

You can practice Real Estate in Texas and Florida in the safest and wisest way with YourBroker. We recommend an LLC or Corporation if you are ready to be serious about your success in the Real Estate industry.

Once you contact YourBroker, we will guide you through the process of incorporation and sponsorship with step-by-step instructions. YourBroker Qualified Broker of Record and Real Estate Broker Sponsor staff will be available to assist you along every step of the way. Your success is our goal.

The Perfect Way To Grow A Texas Real Estate Brand

Let’s say that you already have a real estate business in another state but you want to open an office in Texas and grow your real estate brand here.

Once you join our designated broker program, we will help you to set up your broker business entity in Texas so that it meets all of the real estate requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission. This includes being able to hire agents and pay commissions!

Imagine having the ability to state in California, Arizona or wherever your main office is located, while still helping your clients buy or sell properties in Texas.

You can also use our service for single transaction deals too! Our designated broker service is a win-win for the real estate industry!

Contact Your LLC Broker

For more information about our Texas designated broker program, contact us today by calling (512) 200-5853 or click here to connect with us online.

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